ParaFrap Bioinformatics Course, Montpellier, 5-9 January 2015

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8 am          
  Students arriving Sunday        
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9 am Workshop Welcome, Overview Browser Exercises - II Mapping Exercises - II Lecture Lecture
  Bastien, Harb,  Interpreting RNAseq data

Hi-Res image
Interpretating mapping results Pattern recognition, Regular Designing (pathogen) genome
  Warrenfeltz, MacPherson, Roos  Roos, et al Harb, et al expressions
          Harb  Roos
10 am Student presentations     Sequence Exercises Data Integration Exercises - I
  Who are you, and what     Motif Searches, Genomic
Complex queries
  are your interests?                      all instructors
   5-10 min each      Harb, et al  
11 am Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee
    Report on results, discuss   Additional Regular Expression Help
Links to Regular Expression Resources

About InterPro

RegEx Lecture

Meme Output
    all students      
12 noon          
  Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1 pm          
  Lecture Mapping Exercises - I Lecture Lecture Research Lecture
  Introduction to Genome Infor- Mapping RNAseq data Gx Technologies & Applications Population genetics datasets Bioinformatics of 
2 pm matics & EuPathDB databases Warrenfeltz, et al Jose Juan Lopez-Rubio Roos organismal diversity
  Harb       Toni Gabaldon
  Gene Page Exercises   Functional Genomics - I Genetics Exercises Data Integration Exercises - II
  GeneIDGeneID, BLAST, Text searches   Transcriptomics & Proteomics SNPs, Population genetics Group projects
3 pm Warrenfeltz, et al   Warrenfeltz, et al MacPherson, et al all instructors
    Lecture  Transcriptomics Exercises
    Phylogeny & Orthology  Proteomics Exercises
4 pm   Roos      
  Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee
5 pm Browser Exercises - I Orthology Exercises   Pathway Exercises  
  Alignments, Comparative Phyletic pattern queries   Metabolism & Pathways  
  Genomics       Harb, et al   Warrenfeltz, et al  
  MacPherson, et al   Functional Genomics - II    
6 pm     Host response datasets   Report on results, discuss
      Harb, et al   all students
7 pm          
  Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Closing Dinner
8 pm Research Lecture Research Lecture Research Lecture Research Lecture  
  Biology & genomics of Plasmodium gene regulation Identification and roles of transposons
Functional genetic screens Students departing Saturday
  host-pathogen interactions and population diversity in the trypanosomatid genomes
  David Roos Artur Scherf Fred Bringaud David Horn