Genomics Workshop Schedule and Exercises

  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  2/20/14 2/21/14 2/22/14 2/23/14
9 am   Gene Page Exercises Mapping Exercises - II Q & A session
    exerciseGeneID, BLAST, Text searches exerciseInterpretating mapping results Harb, Roos et al
    Harb, Roos et al Harb, Roos et al
10 am     exerciseBonus Exercise Pattern rec'n, Regular exp'ns
    Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee
11 am   Lecture Lecture Sequence Exercises
    Gene Annotation Population genetics datasets exerciseMotif Searches
Harb, Roos et al
        RedEX Help
12 noon   Browser Exercises Genetics Exercises
    exerciseAlignments, Comparative Gx exerciseSNPs, Population genetics
    Harb, Roos et al Harb, Roos et al Lecture
         Designing (pathogen) Genome
1 pm Workshop Registration     Databases       
    Lunch Lunch Lunch
2 pm Workshop Welcome, Overview    
  Preiser, Bozdech, Roos, Harb, He    
Lecture Lecture Data Integration Exercises - I
Gx Technologies & Applications Phylogeny reconstruction exerciseComplex queries 
3 pm  Participant presentations
Roos  Harb, Roos et al
   Who are you, and what    
  are your interests? Query Exercises Orthology Exercises
   3 min each exerciseFunctional Genomics Datasets exercisePhyletic pattern queries
4 pm
Harb, Roos et al Harb, Roos et al
5 pm  Lecture Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee
   Intro to Genome Informatics      
  Omar Harb Mapping Exercises - I Pathway Exercises  Data Integration Exercises - II
    exerciseMapping RNAseq data exerciseMetabolism & Pathways  exerciseComplex queries
6 pm Welcome reception Harb, Roos et al Harb, Roos et al  Harb, Roos et al
    NGS mini-lecture    
  Dinner  Research Lecture  Research Lecture
Closing Dinner
7 pm
Genomic applications in
Plasmodium evolution
     clinical and population biology  and population genetics
  Research Lecture
Peter Preiser
Zbynek Bozdech
    Dinner Dinner
8 pm

  Biology & genomics of

  host-pathogen interactions

  David Roos