Working with Protozoan Parasite Databases

Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses

2019 participants


Monday (November 11th, 2019)

Finding Genes and Gene Pages


Genome Browser I

Genome Browser II

Companion 1

Tuesday (November 12th. 2019)

Companion 2 (Act)

Introduction to Linux & High throughput sequence mapping: Exercise 1, Exercise 2

Population Biology

Variant Calling - Galaxy

RNAseq Mapping in Linux

Wednesday (November 13th, 2019)

RNAseq Mapping and differential expression in Linux (cont..)

Orthology and Phylogeny

Functional Genomics

RNAseq mapping - Galaxy

Thursday (November 14th, 2019)

Working with RNAseq results in Galaxy and EuPathDB

Understanding & manipulating variant result output files

Metabolic Pathways

Motif searches, Regular Expressions & Genomic colocation

Host Response Exercises